I don’t have time to be diplomatic, so you’re going to get the blunt critique. To start, remember how valuable I think what you are offering is.? I wish you had put this on (“Lead Yourself First!” consulting/coaching program) 30 years ago for me—except I ‘d be “wasting” my life, sitting on a beach in the Caribbean sipping pinas coladas. Fortunately, now I am leading a “full rich challenging” life in the “real” world.

-RM, business owner

I am the owner of a broad-based consumer-oriented retail and services company. Royce (Dr. Fitts) has been an integral part of assisting our business to use Systems Thinking, especially as it applies to improving the communication and dynamics of our leadership team. Royce’s coaching has enabled our team to reduce our re-activity to people problems and increased our ability to thoughtfully respond to these issues in constructive ways that have helped us retain quality leaders.

It’s always remarkable to see how much people can accomplish working as a team when they learn how to see their differences as a strength rather than as an roadblock to achievement.

I have known and worked with Royce for many years on several organizational and community projects over that time. His consistent contribution to those projects has been a unique ability to assess and improve the people dynamics of almost any situation.

R. M. D.

I own and operate a small business in Laramie, Wyoming that is currently researching and developing consumer-scale renewable energy products that we plan to introduce to the marketplace during the next three years. Our product development is funded through the federal SBIR grant program, which imposes rigid budgetary and timeline constraints on our activities. We have a permanent, full time staff of three professionals (two engineers and one administrator), along with technical consultants and specialists who participate on particular projects. With such a small staff, we must carry out R&D concurrently with the
administrative functions needed to keep the business operating and moving toward growth, and there are no “backup” personnel when schedules slip or unforeseen problems arise. –G.G.

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